Offer a high-quality protein supplement for pets in an eco-friendly way thanks to the circular economy.


In 2019, Choix Nature launches its range of dried insect products made locally in Quebec. Our production processes allow us to transform waste from the food industry into an eco-friendly protein source. Through these efforts, Choix Nature has been able to prevent tons of organic matter from ending up in waste disposal sites while creating a protein source of higher quality than what’s usually available on the market. Moreover, insect farming is greatly more efficient and environmentally friendly than growing soybeans, or beef or poultry farming. This allows you to treat your pets with high-quality products while helping save the planet an insect at a time.

Nutritional value

Our dried larvae are an excellent dietary supplement for your animals. They are loaded with beneficial nutrients which provide for a high-quality diet.

* 40 times more calcium than mealworms!

Use daily for a balanced diet

Local Economy

Choix Nature products are made locally in Quebec, Canada. Since our production facilities and raw material suppliers are located in Quebec, we stimulate local economy and reduce transport to a minimum.